Article Marketing and SEO


contentmarketingSEO or search engine optimization is a very important aspect of owning a website.  Basically, this is done in order to drive more traffic going to your website.  This traffic is organic as it brings traffic coming from search results on search engines and not just through social media shares and links being shared.

Article marketing has always been a good part of SEO (check emethod edmonton for more resource).  Basically, you write quality articles and publish them on article submission websites.  The purpose of this is to get backlinks from the articles that you have made that goes to your website.  Backlinks are crucial as these are the ones search engine crawlers look for in checking and ranking website importance.  If you get things right, you will be able to rank your website through simple article marketing alone.  Of course, you need to compete with the high number of people who are also doing article marketing for their website.

The thing about article marketing is that it has become a passing trend.  In the past, this was one great way of getting quality backlinks to your site.  These days though, as search engine algorithms get more advanced along with certain updates that they execute, article marketing on article submission sites is no longer a viable way of getting quality backlinks.  You can still submit articles to these sites and get backlinks, but these backlinks are no longer considered as relevant or important by search engine crawlers.  Be that as it may, it does not mean article marketing is dead.  You just need to rework on how to get more relevant backlinks.

One surefire way of getting quality backlinks on article marketing is to do guest post articles on blogs that have page ranks of 2 up to 5.  Normally, those with higher page ranks will tend to ignore your request so it is best to stick to those with just these page rank numbers.  Requesting to guest post can be easy and can also be difficult.  However, once you have proven to the website owner that you can provide quality content on your guest post articles, you may not have any further difficult once you make a request to guest post again the next time.  These days, this type of article marketing is perhaps the most reliable way of getting quality backlinks to your site for SEO purposes.